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Dream Reaper – The Seeker of Visions (2018)

In November 2018 I had an opportunity to show a selection of my latest works at the third Festival of Photography in my hometown, Klaipėda, Lithuania. The exhibition was named Dream Reaper – the Seeker of Visions and showed photomontages, drawings and objects from the recent six years. My aim with this show was not only to exhibit my work but also to introduce the viewer to the phenomenon of shamanism and it’s significance to contemporary art and culture in general.

Here are some moments of the opening of the show.

Here you can find a 3D tour of the entire Festival of Photography 2018: https://photoklaipeda.lt/vt/fsvente2018/

Gaiamycota (2016)

In April 2016 with my colleagues Anthony Bennett , Ryan Taylor and a professor of biology Dunc Cameron I started an interdisciplinary multimedia art project, named GAIAMYCOTA.

Gaiamycota reflects on the state of “what remains of the soil” of our planet… it’s accute predicament and foretells of a method to address this, given a global collective and cultural will.

I contributed two large format photomontages and a 15 minute video film to the project.

More about the project: www.gaiamycota.org

Gaiamycota premierred in September 2016 at the Futurecade show during the Festival of the Mind 2016 in Sheffield (UK) and had 9000 visitors. Here are a few photos from the show.