Dream Weaver – Sapnų audėja 2018

“Her mind free from thought, her appearance calm and tranquil, her forehead beams simplicity.
Her chill is as elemental as autumn, her warmth that of spring.
Her joy and anger flow like four seasons.
She always does what’s suitable, and has no limitations.
Without showing affection her blessings extend through ten generations.
She lets the gold stay hidden in the mountains, and the pearls sleep in the deep waters.
She does not rejoice in long life, nor does she grieve over early death.
Given a choice, she would not grab the worlds wealth as her private possession.
Given a choice, she wouldn’t want to rule the world as her private domain.
Instead she clearly understands that all things belong to one treasury, and death and life form a continuous strand.”
~ Chuang Tzu

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