Conversation with the Oak 2017

“If you have never ‘talked’ to a tree before here are some simple steps:

1. Take a nature walk. Use your body to become aware of the vibrations around you emanating from the trees and plants. Let your body guide you to a tree to talk to. It may be the biggest or the smallest, it doesn’t matter. Let go of ‘thinking’ with the mind and ‘feel’ with your body.

2. After selecting your tree, reach out and greet it. You can do this out loud or telepathically.

3. Place your hands on the trunk of the tree or in the case of an evergreen, place your hands on a bough. You can simply touch the tree, hug it or sit with your back up against it. Honor your comfort zone.

4. Close your eyes and become quiet. Allow the energy of the tree to ‘speak to you’. After several minutes you may feel pulsations in your hands or back if your back is against the tree and a bit later pulsations flowing from your feet to your head. Or you may feel nothing at all, it does not matter.

5. If you have a particular question in mind, ask the tree. It may ‘speak’ back to you telepathically or you may sense an answer, see colors or any numbers of things. Each person receives communication in their own unique way, there is no right or wrong. However you will have a sense of knowing when the answer arrives.

6. During this time of rapid change the vibration of the earth is constantly changing. Because of this each time I commune with my favorite tree I ask tree to be recalibrated to same vibration as the earth. So after you have intuited your answer ask the tree to recalibrate your vibration to match that of the earth.

7. When you are finished honor and thank the tree with a simple “Namaste” or whatever you are comfortable with.

Nature fills us with joy in a way the material world never can. When we talk to trees we become more of who we are.”

~ Kathy Fitzpatrick

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